Skin Cancer

The Importance of Early Detection of Skin cancers

The early diagnosis of skin cancer can dramatically improve the outcome of treatment. The sooner skin cancer is found, the easier it is to remove before growth spreads to other areas of the body. Early detection is vital as even small skin cancers have the potential to grow and cause significant problems to your health.

While preventative methods such as sunscreen and protective clothing decrease the likelihood of attaining cancer, it is important to be aware that they do not have a 100% success rate. Almost just as importantly is personal bodily awareness, as skin cancer is likely to be marked by a changed appearance of the affected area of skin. Irregular lumps and discolouration are best reported to a doctor immediately upon discovery.

Importance of Regular Skin Cancer Checks

Whilst paying attention to your body can help identify skin cancer, there are parts of your body that you cannot see. Doctors are also far more skilled at spotting the emergence of cancer, and yearly visits are recommended for all people, particularly those working in an outdoor environment.

You can also receive skin cancer checks from specialists such as dermatologists, which can be an excellent source of second opinion for those concerned about changes in their skin.Some things they will be looking for include :

  • A new spot that is different from others on your skin
  • An unusual mole or freckle
  • A wound that refuses to heal

While yearly skin cancer check ups are recommended, doctors suggest patients check themselves for any of these signs every three months

The Facts

  • Australia has the highest rate of skin cancer in the world!
  • Melanoma is the most common cancer in males aged 25-54 and females aged 15-24.
  • One in two Australians will develop skin cancer each year.
  • Most of the deaths and serious operation resulting from skin cancer are PREVENTABLE.

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